Artist and our favorite album and songs from them.

Fiona Apple-Favorite album:When The Pawn-Favorite song:Tymps.
Alanis Morissette-Favorite album:Jagged Little Pill-Favorite song:perfect.
Frank Ocean- Favorite album:Channel orange- Favorite song:Super rich kids
Paramore-Favoritesong:Aint it fun
Mother mother-Favoritesong:Hayloft or Dirty Town
Ricky Montgomery-Favoritesong:Line without a hook.
The struts-Favoritesong:Primadonna Like Me or Dirty Sexy Love
Harry Styles-Favorite album:Fine Line-Favorite song:sunflower vol 6
Lady gaga-Favorite album:Artpop or fame monster-Favorite song:John Wayne

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